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Power-off Take


The Market

Power Sale Arrangements  

Power sale tariff for the proposed project at the busbar would be determined as per the Tariff Guidelines notified by Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC). As per CERC Tariff Guidelines, tariff for power sale is determined based on a cost-plus recovery approach and comprises of two parts namely, annual capacity (fixed) charges and energy (variable) charges for generation. However such tariff shall be subject to modification in the terms and conditions of tariff by CERC from time to time

Sale of majority power from the project under long term arrangement to NER beneficiary states is  based on allocation decided by the Ministry of Power.As per the allocation decided by the Ministry of Power, 628MW has been allocated to the North Eastern States. The balance 98MW would be sold on merchant basis by OTPC

The power allocation from the project was decided by Ministry of Power (MoP), GoI finalized the allocation of power from the project to North Eastern Region (NER) beneficiary as follows :

Allocation of Power

Power Allocation as per the Ministry of Power Circular order dated November 25, 2008 
Sr.No.StateAllocation (MW)
  1. Assam240
 2.  Meghalaya 79
 3. Manipur42
 4. Nagaland27
 5. Arunachal Pradesh22
 6. Mizoram 22
 7. Tripura196
 8. Balance on merchant sales98



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